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Consulting services

Testwork programs
Sample collection and laboratory test programs are at the heart of any comminution system design program. Alex Doll, the principal at sagmilling.com, has extensive experience in the design of drill-core sampling programs that account for the spatial and geological variation in orebodies, as well as the necessary quality-control measures to catch common errors that can happen during program execution.

Geometallurgy programs
Geometallurgy means loading metallurgical data, grindability data in this case, into a block model used for mine planning. Getting the right data into the block model is crucial to getting good throughput predictions because laboratory test results, A×b for example, are not suitable for directly loading into a model (they are not "additive").

Circuit design & mill sizing
Mill sizing calculations are performed for feasibility studies and in many mineral processing plant designs. We can assist in identifying the appropriate types of mill sizing calculations for your application and running design checks using other types of calculations.

Mill surveys & audits
Operating mills that want to use geometallurgy for production forecasting should perform a milling circuit survey to provide calibration parameters for the model to be used in the production forecast. This can be as simple as determining the "CF" factors for Bond-based calculations to more complicated SAG/Ball mill power draw model calibrations for ores of variable density.

Contact Us
To request a quotation on consulting services, contact Alex Doll, P.Eng, alex.doll @ sagmilling.com