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SAGMILLING.COM collects only one type of information from anonymous people visiting the web site: the IP address of the originating request. Any computer that exists on the internet will have a unique IP address that will look something like this: These addresses can often be resolved to backward to your internet service provider using a standard "host" or "whois" lookup to an name something like this: sagmilling.com [].

Why do we collect such arcane information? The first reason is to protect ourselves from hacker attacks. By being able to determine the ISP who hosts someone committing an attack, we are able to contact the ISP and take appropriate steps to ensure the hacker stops. A second reason is to help us identify who our audience is. Most host names give a clue whether they are a personal or a business account, and if they are personal, then what speed is the person running (residential broadband or higher speed office networks). Knowing the ratio of people who have high speed internet access allows us to justify putting more complex information on the web site. If a large proportion of visitors are using 3G access, for example, then we need to keep our file sizes small.

Cookies and third party information

Cookies are used by SAGMILLING.COM to manage 'sessions' when somebody connects to the website. If you are a registered user who logs in to one of the extra services on our web pages, then these cookies are used for administering the level of permission that you have on the website, and to store preferences and model status (for example, which was the last testwork sample you used in a circuit model) each time you log in.

Third party cookies and web trackers are not used on SAGMILLING.COM web pages.

Storage of Private Data

No personally identifiable data is stored from Anonymous web visitors. Registered users (people and companies who have subscribed to the more advanced features) will have the following data stored on the servers:

  • Names, email addresses and associated companies used to control and partition access to the user accounts.
  • Grindability and other technical data used to run the engineering calculations and models.
  • Client mailing and/or physical address used for billing purposes.

Domicile Information

SAGMILLING.COM is owned by Alex G Doll Consulting Ltd. of Logan Lake, BC, Canada. Laws of the Province of British Columbia in the Dominion of Canada shall govern the administration and usage of this web site.

The server physically sits in Zurich, Switzerland and web connections are encrypted by SSL to ensure customer privacy.