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Mill Critical Speed Calculation
Estimates the critical speed of a grinding mill of a given diameter given the mill inside diameter and liner thickness.

If given a measured mill rotation (RPM), then the mill`s fraction of the critical speed is given
Internet Slide Rule
A working web-based version of history`s most used advanced calculation device. Available with 1 to 4 cycles and a special Metric to Imperial conversion scale.
Pipe Launder Design
Determines the flow through a pipe launder of a specified geometry.
Mill Liner Effective Thickness
Determines the effective mill inside diameter of a given set of "top hat" lifters for use in mill volume and critical speed calculations.
Mill Filling Calculation
Estimates the charge volume of a grinding mill based on the number of exposed lifters. By counting the number of lifters showing (during a mill shutdown) and comparing to the total number of lifters (including those buried in the charge) the fraction of the mill under the charge is determined.